April 21, 2024

Applications of Single Phase Induction Motor

application of single phase induction motor
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If you are finding the applications of single phase induction motor then you are in right place. We should choose the right motor according to requirements and motor specifications. Agreed! Here we will see some fundamental concepts behind the single-phase induction motor and why they are used in industries.


What are the Applications of single phase induction motor?

If you are finding the only answer for What are the applications of single phase induction motor?

single phase induction motors are used in smaller equipment where we require less horsepower (for example, one horsepower). Some of the examples of real life are

  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Small fans
  • Mixers
  • Toys
  • High-speed vacuum cleaners
  • Electric shavers
  • Drilling machines

where a single-phase induction motor is used.

Basics of Single phase induction motor

The single-phase induction motor is not started by itself. We require a starter for starting the motor. When the motor is connected to a single-phase A.C power supply, the main winding carries an alternating current. Single phase induction motors have types according to the way of their starting.

Types of single phase induction motors are,

  • Split phase induction motor
  • Shaded pole induction motor
  • Capacitive motor

The capacitive motor can be further divided into a capacitor start, capacitor run, and permanent capacitor single phase motor.

Now let see how single phase induction motor works? In this type of motors starting winding is provided in series with the main winding. When supply is applied to the motor current is passing through both starting winding and main winding. Here the angle between two phase windings is such that it creates a phase difference which produces a starting torque. When the motor reaches the 70-80% of synchronous speed, A centrifugal switch on the motor shaft opens and disconnects the starting winding.

Advantages of single phase induction motor

There are many advantages to use single-phase motors. single-phase induction motors are less expensive to manufacture than the other types of motors. These motors are simple in their construction. Single-phase motors will last for years as well, and usually, most failures from single-phase motors are a result of an inappropriate application rather than a manufacturing defect from the motor itself.  Single-phase induction motors require very little maintenance, don’t often require repairs.

Application of single phase induction motor pdf

If you are finding for the single phase induction motor pdf the here I found a good pdf which can definitely help you in understanding related to the topic deeper.

You can simply download pdf from the below link.

Download pdf

Applications of single phase induction motor ppt

Here is the ppt for single phase induction motor. This ppt includes an introduction, operating principle, starting theory, applications, starting torque, split phase induction motor, working, characteristics, the theory of operations etc. You can download this ppt from the below link.

single phase induction motor PPT


Hope now you understand all the single-phase induction motor uses. Singlephase induction motors are widely used in low-power applications (up to a few kW). Here we also discussed in brief operation and working of single phase induction motor. Singe Hope you enjoyed it!!

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3 thoughts on “Applications of Single Phase Induction Motor

    1. Three phase IM generate more power compared to single-phase I.M.

      Single phase motors used in many household appliances like fan, AC, refrigerator etc. 3 phase IM have use in industries, traction, paper mill etc. Escalators use single or 3 phase IM as per load.
      Motors can be chosen in the application depends upon the load.

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