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Hi all, welcome to my page, In this article, we will see about electrochemistry, and for your reference, I will provide you electrochemistry PPT. you can easily download electrochemistry ppt for free by clicking the download button. This ppt contains all electrochemistry formulas and more. This really uses full for electrochemistry class 12 students. Types of electrodes in electrochemistry ppt. What is the application of electrochemistry also in this ppt so for more information visit ppt.

Electrochemistry is defined as chemical reactions that take place at the interface of an electrode mainly a solid, metal, or semiconductor and an ionic conductor, the electrolyte.  Electrochemistry deals with the interaction between electrical energy and chemical change.

The word redox use for reduction-oxidation. In this electrochemical process including electron transfer to or from a molecule or iron changing its states.  The atom or molecule that loss the electrons are known as the reducing agent.  The substance which receiving the electrons is called an oxidizing agent.

This ppt contains lots of chemical formulas like Basic medium  Example of reaction between potassium permanganate and sodium sulfite, the unbalanced reaction for more details download ppt.

Also the detailed explanation of Gibbs free energy and cell potential with formulas. Some electrical terms like Electrical resistivity, Electrical conductivity, molar conductivity. You learn about battery and type of battery.  various types of batteries are used for various application and it shows the meaningful practical application of electrochemistry.

What is the corrosion and what are the disadvantages of corrosion also see in ppt. And also cover more topic like Prevention of corrosion, Sacrificial anodes, Electrolysis, Quantitative electrolysis, and Faraday’s law, First law, Second law and more.

For more detail in electrochemistry download below ppt

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