Basic Electronics Components and Their Functions PPT, PDF Free Download

If you are looking for the basic electronics components and their functions ppt then here we choose some of the best ppt for this related topic. You can preview all those PPTs and select the best for you. You can free download basic electronics components ppt, pdf from this page.

Basic electronics components and their function PPT

Here we have chosen some of the best ppt for you. Below you will find basic electronic components PowerPoint slides. 

This ppt is covering all the basic electronics components and their functions step by step. This ppt covers resistors, capacitors, types of capacitors, coupling and decoupling capacitor, Potentiometer, INDUCTORS, CONNECTORS, and DC JACK, Breakaway- Header-Connector, JUMPER, switches, SWITCHES, LED(LIGHT EMITTING DIODE), Light Emitting Diode and many more topics.

Every electronics components have different functions. According to the function of the electronics components, they are used in manufacturing devices. The resistor uses to controls the high current flow. It resists the current flow in the path. Transistor, MOSFET, SCR uses in circuits as a switching device. You will found all these basics in the PPT.

You can preview these slides and download the presentation ppt from the below download link.

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Electronic components and materials pdf

If you are looking for electronic components and materials pdf then here is the option for you to download pdf and enhance your knowledge. This is basically referred to as the lecture notes of electronics components. Once download and use it if it is suitable for you. This pdf is covering basic concepts of semiconductors, diodes, transistors, SCR, different converters, etc. Check the basic electronics pdf download link of this pdf below.

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