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Here we provided project report of automatic street light and also provided PPT and Pdf for the same. You can download the report, ppt and pdf from this page.

An automatic street light project is one of the best projects for final year students. If you wish to work on this project you can get the automatic street light project report pdf and ppt in here.

The objective of automatic street light project

We need to save energy because now we are dependent on sources like petrol, diesel etc which are non -renewable sources. Once we use them then we will not get that source back and we have a limited amount of sources. In today’s era, saving power is important to save nature. If we look at the consumption of power, In any city “STREET LIGHT” is one of the major power-consuming utiliy. Most of the time we see streetlights are ON and they consume a lot power then we think.

Over here we can provide the solution to the problem by having an automatic street light system which turns ON & OFF the street lights at a given time or when the ambient light falls below a specific intensity. 

In This project, LDR is used to control the light. If the ambient light is below a specific value then street lights are turned ON and in another case, it remains OFF.

By applying this system, manual works are 100% removed. It automatically switch ON the light during the sunset and night. This process is done by a sensor that we use in our project. This sensor is called a light-dependent resistor(LDR) sensor which senses the light like our eyes. This sensor automatically turns OFF the light when there is sunlight-visible to our eyes.  

The main aim of this project report is to control the street light using LDR. When the light falling occurs, the value of resistance is going to change. This change in resistance led to a change in voltage. An obtained voltage is given to the PIC. here PIC stands for peripheral interface controller.

Automatic street light using LDR project report

You can automatic street light using LDR project report from the below link. Go and check the download link.

Automatic solar street light project report pdf

You can download the automatic solar street light project report pdf from the below link. This provides every single detail regarding the project. I hope this will helpful to you.  

As you read in the above section the objective of the project. An automatic street light project report is given below for download. 

Automatic street light project ppt

In the below, you will find an automatic street light project ppt. You can download and learn from that.


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