June 21, 2024

How to write an efficient leave application?

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Are you one of you who is finding leave application? Here is the complete guide related to leave application writing. You will find step by step guide for efficient leave application letter writing for school and college. Letter writing is an art of writing which can not adapt very easily. For a long practice, you can build a power to make a very good and efficient letter.

Furthermore, let’s get dip into a topic for writing an efficient application letter. 


Types of application letter

In our general-purpose different types of application we can categories.

Such as,

Leave application

Apology application letter

Absence letter

Permission application letter

Leave application format

Leave application format for school, college and office. For school students, they require leave from school for some reason. They need to write for convincing for leave to the school principal or to the teacher/headmaster of class. College students often require leave from college due to various reasons like due to fever, for going abroad/ outstation etc. Office employees take leave due to some uncertainty in their life and they need to manage in writing leave application to their HR or their higher authority.

Reasons of leave

There can be various reasons for leave. Some are serious reasons or may be not always. Here we make a list of reasons of leave for you. 

  • To attend marriage
  • Health issues
  • High fever
  • Going outstation
  • Family death issues
  • Maternity leave
  • Urgent work
  • Exam preparation


Ok. Now you find what are the reasons in general for leave application. There is a possibility that you have a different reason than mentioned above. Let me know by commenting.

Now we take a look at how we can write an efficient application of leave for school students.

we all know the most common reason for leave is a bad health issue. High fever is the most common reason for leave in school. Here we take a look at this reason and try to write leave application for school due to fever. Let’s check this.

Leave application for school due to fever

Date – xx/xx/2020

School Name

School Address

Dear sir/ma’am,

I am a student of your class 9th-B (write your own) wanted to clear that I was absent from school for a week due to high fever. I apologize for my absence and I will try to be regular in upcoming next classes.

Thank you for understanding my situation. Hereby I attached my parent’s signature for your reference.

Student signature –

Parents signature – 


Thank you so much for reading this article. I hope it will help you to make little extra effective leave application writing. 

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