June 21, 2024

Applications of Transformer In Daily Life and Industry

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If you are finding the application of transformer in daily life and in electronics this the right place where you get your answer in an easily understandable way. Here we will see first some rough upper view of applications of transformer and then we will see in detail applications. So, First, we have to know some basics about the transformer before going to learn their application.

Transformer is the electrical device which consists of two different number of turns windings, which helps to level up or down voltage level. So, The Main application of transformer is to increase and decrease the existing voltage to the required voltage level for application in an electrical circuit.

we saw the very first main purpose of transformer used in the transmission of power but here we will some other applications also. Let see all brief applications,


What are some basic applications of transformer?

1. Transformer is used to get the required voltage level. Step-up transformer is used to increase the voltage and step down transformer is used to decrease the voltage level.

2. Transformer can increase or decrease the value of capacitor, an inductor or resistance in an AC circuit. Thus it acts as an impedance transferring device.

3. The transformer is also used for isolate two circuits electrically.

4. The transformer is used in impendence matching.

5. Transformer is used in the construction of electrical measuring device such as voltmeter, ammeter, relay etc.

6. It is used for rectification. Rectification is the process of converting A.C to D.C. Rectification is important for high voltage transmission. The best example of rectifier is a mobile charger.

7. It is used in the voltage regulator and voltage stabilizer.

8. it is widely used in power transmission and distribution process.

Other Application of different types of transformer:

The transformer has different types according to its applications. So now we see in detail related to types of the transformer and their applications. Generally, as we saw the transformer can be mostly classified into two types of transformer: step-up transformer and step-down transformer. Step-up transformer is used to increase the voltage level in transmission and step down transformer is used to decrease the voltage level.

Application of Isolation transformer

An isolation transformer is a transformer which is used to transfer electrical power from a source of alternating current (AC) power to some equipment or device while isolating the powered device from the power source, usually for safety reasons.

Application of instrument transformer

the main purpose of an instrument transformer is to provide voltage or current at a usable level which is used for measurement of electrical quantities. These instrument transformers are very high accuracy electrical device becuase it is going to be used in the measurement.

Application of Auto-transformer

Autotransformer is a transformer with single winding only. Generally, as we seen the transformer has two windings, primary and secondary winding. But here in autotransformer same single winding is act as a primary and secondary winding both. Autotransformer has many applications including starting of an induction motor, for variable output etc.

Why are transformers important?

We saw all the applications of different types of transformers. But the Transformer is extremely important in power transmission and distribution system. in power generating plant power is transmitted at a high voltage which can be possible by the transformer. At the power plant, a step-up transformer is used for transmission. by high voltage power transmission, the cost of transmission is reduced and we can get electric power economical way.

power is received at the home by converting that high voltage to low voltage by the transformer. ( power cannot be received to home directly from generating plant. there are one or more substations which also have transformers which convert that voltage into the lower level. ). At the receiving side, voltage is reduced by the step-down transformer. So we can imagine the transformer is an essential part of power transmission and distribution.

The transformer is not just used in power transmission and receiving process but it is also used in measurement also. voltmeter, ammeter, relays etc. are the example of usage of the transformer in measuring instruments. In every single application where voltage conversion happens, the transformer is going to use.


hope now you know all the applications of transformer. We saw the transformer is mainly used for getting the required voltage level. The transformer is also used for isolating two circuits electrically. Not only that transformer has wide application in power transmission and distribution. The transformer is an essential part of the transmission of power in an economical way.

 After some transformer applications in daily life, we saw some other types of transformer applications. we saw the instrument transformer, isolation transformer, and autotransformer application briefly. Hope you know that all. if you have still any question regarding this article feel free to comment in this article. 

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